Is the Longmire season 6 premiere date past October? Signs suggest so

Longmire season 6 premiere dateAs we’ve stated a few times as of late, Longmire fans, we wish we had some better news for you regarding possible season 6 premiere dates. Here’s the truth: Netflix has officially announced their entire roster of October releases, and the final season of the show still isn’t on it.

Why the holdup at this point? We wish we knew, given that the show wrapped up filming months ago (around the same time as in the past) and the cast has already done a significant amount of their ADR work. All things considered, the show should be done and ready to go, but Netflix is waiting on releasing it. Maybe they’ve got a plan for a specific rollout of the final season, or maybe they’re just waiting for a whole in their own release schedule. Regardless, it doesn’t look like the final stretch of the show is going to be out this October. You’ll probably be stuck waiting until November at the earliest, and that is not going to be an easy pill for some people out there who love the show to swallow.

Would we mind if the show was released the week of Thanksgiving? That’s probably our preference at this point, given that this is a time when A) people have a good bit of time off in order to watch and B) there’s not too much on in the way of new programming on the broadcast networks. We consider this a nice way to give everyone something else to enjoy while waiting to see some of their other favorites to come back.

As for whether or not it’s feasible the show could be delayed until 2018, anything is possible in theory. We would just be surprised if the wait is that long.

The cast still doesn’t know when it’s coming back

Earlier this week, we reported that Katee Sackhoff (who plays Vic on the series) didn’t have any idea when the show was going to be airing. In a new post on Twitter (see below), you can see Cassidy Freeman (Cady) say the same exact thing. She did her part to help tide us over by sharing a photo with the cast. The gang seemed to love the work that they did in New Mexico, and we’ve got a feeling that one of the hard parts that comes with the show ending now is going to be not getting any more of these fun photos.

Just a reminder here to close things off — if you do love Freeman, she’s going to be making a return appearance to NCIS: New Orleans on Tuesday night. Now that the show is done filming, we figure that there are going to be some great opportunities to see its cast members on other projects.

When do you want the Longmire season 6 premiere date to be?

Do you think that it’s going to be coming in November? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts on that subject below!


Per the story here, it looks as though Longmire may actually still be in post-production.

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