Katee Sackhoff still unsure on Longmire season 6 premiere date

Longmire season 6 premiere dateWe’ve been wondering about the Longmire season 6 premiere date for weeks, and clearly, Katee Sackhoff is right there with us!

The actress behind Vic (and of course Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica) did a Reddit AMA earlier this weekend in celebration of a marathon on Syfy, and of course a question or two about Longmire found their way into the mix. One of the biggest ones, of course, was about the premiere date. Her answer contains booth good and bad news:

“I have absolutely no idea when Longmire is going to air and I know that there are discussions about potential movies, but there is nothing definite.”

Obviously, the bad news is that there is no word on a premiere date, but we do feel that if the show is set to launch on Netflix in October, there will be a firm announcement regarding it in the coming week. (The end of the month is when Netflix starts to make announcements on the next month.) It’s a little maddening that the streaming provider is waiting as long as they are; while it may be the show’s final season (and therefore they may not want to spend a ton of money promoting it), there are millions of fans out there who do care about it and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this season.

As for the idea of Longmire movies, this is the good news! Sackhoff confirming that there are discussions is exciting, and we do hope that she would come back in the event that a deal comes together. Getting the cast back together could prove challenging, especially given that everyone will likely be hired for other jobs (Katee already has a new gig on The Flash, and is going to be appearing in more than one episode.) We feel like the conversations regarding Longmire movies will probably heat up more on the other side of the series finale given that at this point, you will get a better chance to see how the story ends. In theory, the Longmire property can go on forever. Craig Johnson is still writing books about the character, and the TV version could effectively go on however long the cast and crew wanted it to given that it’s not a literal adaptation of any of the source material. It takes its cues from the books often, but puts many of the characters in different situations on a pretty regular basis.

For now, cross your fingers and stay tuned for more news. Remember that we at CarterMatt love Longmire and we have reviewed every episode for the past few years; therefore, we’re as eager to get the show back as anyone.

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