Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez gets Bold and the Beautiful gig

Josh MartinezJosh Martinez has won Big Brother 19and he’s now officially going where so many alumni from the show have gone over the years: Going on The Bold and the Beautiful.

In a post on Twitter Josh himself confirmed the news. He claims that he’ll be “serving up meatballs” on the daytime drama, and in some ways it doesn’t quite matter if he’s being literal or not with that statement. (We’ve come to learn that anything is possible when it comes to Big Brother guest gigs on The Bold and the Beautiful.)

Josh is the second person from season 19 to appear on the show, as Jessica Graf recently also made an appearance. His episode is going to air on October 24, so you’ve got a lot of time to wait in order to see it come on the air. Our question at the moment is this: Is he going to enter the stage banging pots and pans, and is anyone going to try and throw pickle juice and hot sauce at his face? Okay, probably not on the latter, but we already get the sense that Josh is a good sport and understands that all of the crazy stuff that happened in the house is just that: Stuff that happened in the house.

For CBS, getting Josh on the show is a no-brainer given that it keeps people talking about the franchise for a little bit longer than they would be otherwise. This is one of the things that they especially need to focus on given that there is no Big Brother: Over the Top this summer and the wait between seasons is one of the longest ones we’ve had in a while. Sure, there is Celebrity Big Brother airing in the new year, but we’re still so early in the process at the moment that nobody knows if it’s going to be remotely good or an effectively substitute for the flagship show. We hope that it is, but time will tell.

CBS is looking to get its money’s worth in general when it comes to Big Brother and some of its alumni from this summer — after all, reports are already out there that Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are going to be doing The Amazing Race together for this coming season. Given that Big Brother gets enormous ratings during the summer and has an enormous internet following, it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that anyone wants to milk it down to the last drop. (The Amazing Race, for those wondering, is probably not going to air until we roll around to the new year — we feel like we’ve stated our opinion on Cody getting more airtime enough, so there is no real reason to repeat it.)

What do you think about Josh getting this new The Bold and the Beautiful gig?

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