Aidan Turner shares a hilarious (and fake) Poldark season 5 story idea

Poldark season 5While Poldark season 4 films, who doesn’t want to check out a rather silly (and funny) Poldark season 5 idea via series star Aidan Turner?

In the video below, which is used to both promote the season 3 DVD in Britain (and is certainly effective promotion for season 3 premiering in America next weekend), Turner answered some fun questions related to the show in one way or another. One of the best ones is as follows: “Would Ross rather be stranded on an island alone, or with George for company?”. His response is worthy of a few chuckles:

“I think probably George. I think they would both probably agree on that if they were going to be on a [deserted] island. They’re not stupid, and the company might be important. Maybe that’s what they need! Season 5, the desert island. Wow, that’s food for thought.”

Turner also humorously answers the question as to whether or not Ross can sing — he makes it clear that he as an actor isn’t much of a singer, but the difference between Aidan and Ross is seemingly that Aidan has more self-awareness about his lack of vocal abilities. He also discusses whether or not Ross would rather “always lose,” or “never play.” It’s a somewhat ambiguous question, but he takes that on in a way that feels somehow appropriate for the future.

Is a Poldark season 5 even confirmed as of yet?

Alas not so much, and we don’t see one for sure coming for quite a long time, either. Our hope is that the fifth season is officially ordered either later this year or early next; Turner has previously indicated that it could be the final one for the series, if for no other reason than that they are starting to run out of material and that sooner or later, this is probably going to be something that happens. We know that the show has a limited shelf life, so the one thing we hope is that we know when it’s ending in advance so that we can better prepare for it. It’s certainly a million times better than being blindsided by it ending without any notice.

Poldark season 4, for those of you in Britain, should premiere at some point next year. Hopefully, it’ll be back in the summer given the current timeline of things! If you do head over to the link here right now, you can view some more of the latest casting news regarding the show right away. This is a show that, no matter how long it lasts, is probably going to bring you a wide array of super-dramatic, romantic storytelling when it comes to its characters.

If you are reading from America and love all things Poldark, rest assured that we will be gearing up some of our coverage of the show in the near future (so be sure to sign up with our CarterMatt Facebook page to get our updates!!) Be sure to check back on Sundays throughout the season for more in the way of analysis / preview content. (Photo: PBS.)

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