Supergirl season 3 spoilers: Melissa Benoist teases new Supergirl suit

Supergirl suitIs a new Supergirl suit coming at some point during Supergirl season 3? Based on early indications, it seems that way.

For the time being, though, there are still many elements of this that are shrouded in some mystery. In doing what she can to set things up, while also still remaining fairly mysterious, here is what Melissa Benoist had to say to Entertainment Weekly:

“There is a different suit that I will be wearing at some point this season, but I won’t tell you when or to what capacity … It’s cool, though.”

So what could this suit be like? That’s a great question, and for the time being it’s not even a guarantee that it is a new official costume for the character or just one that is a disguise for a specific mission. We’ve wondered before if the show would ever present a variation on Power Girl, given that this is a beloved character who is the in the comics the Earth-2 version of Kara. However (and unfortunately), we haven’t seen all that much of an indication that this is something that the show is really pursuing. They seem to have their focus mostly elsewhere.

The new costume could also just be a remixed version of the one that we’ve already seen, or just a slightly augmented version of the original outfit. We’ve chronicled a lot of different superhero costume changes here at CarterMatt over the years, and the fact that Supergirl hasn’t actually changed the costume at all so far (other than in a montage in the pilot episode) says a great deal about the quality of the original design. Over on The Flash they’ve made some subtle changes over time, whereas on Arrow we’ve seen some changes that are a little more drastic. For example, in season 4 they went to a sleeveless look that was similar to some comic-book versions of the character. After that, though, we have a feeling that everyone realized just how cold and miserable it can be filming in that outfit in Vancouver. The season 5 Arrow costume showed back up with sleeves.

What do want to see in terms of a new Supergirl suit, and what do you think Benoist is hinting at here? Share below!

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