Is Bull season 2 right time to introduce a Cote de Pablo character?

Michael Weatherly's Bull - Cote de Pablo characterIt seems as though writing about Bull and Cote de Pablo is an occasion for two or three times a year. We don’t like to do it too much more than that as a means of generating false hope, but we do like handing out some of these reminders here and there that this should be near the top of any longtime NCIS fan’s wishlist.

As for why it hasn’t happened on Bull so far, the biggest answer we can give to that is that it’s a simple function of the show not wanting to just lean too heavily into the NCIS mythos too early into the show’s run. With a show like this, you don’t want it to just feel like you are watching a series of cameos featuring a number of Michael Weatherly’s former co-stars. A Cote de Pablo character would be wonderful, but it’s fairly clear to us that the producers don’t want to do this strictly for the purpose of trying to shoehorn someone into the show who longtime fans of Michael and Cote will associate simply with their previous work. At a certain point, we understand that you’re not supposed to look at these characters and see Tony and Ziva.

Now that the first season is over and Bull is starting to get his own identity, we do wonder if now is that time to make that Cote de Pablo character happen. All signs point to Weatherly being open to it — he’s said so much in interviews in the past, and the two have maintained a friendship ever since Cote’s departure from NCIS at the start of season 11. She didn’t end up returning for Tony’s farewell on that show — seeing as though it doesn’t seem as though the two will reunite on that show anytime soon (Bull films on the other side of the country and has roughly the same schedule), we do think that this show is the right venue.

As for who she could play, our original article at CarterMatt on the subject is still valid: Having her be an adversary to Bull is a little more dynamic and interesting, mostly because it’s so easy and predictable to just go ahead and assume that they would be love interests for each other. Have her be a powerful prosecutor, or if you really want to mix things up, you could cast her as the plaintiff or a defendant in the case in which Bull was working on the opposite side of. He’s extremely good at manipulating jurors, but may she is one of the few people he cannot read at all. It would be interesting if he was analyzing someone so unpredictable that he couldn’t interpret in advance what a jury would feel about them. Cote could play a really good woman of mystery, so seeing her interactions with Bull in this context would be exciting.

Do you think Bull season 2 should introduce a Cote de Pablo character?

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