How big is the Poldark season 4 time jump going to be?

Poldark season 4 time jumpIs there a Poldark season 4 time jump coming up in the near future? There’s some strong evidence out there that it looks to be a pretty clear yes.

What’s the first exhibit that you can look towards for this? Well, it’s as simple as the news that the BBC show has recast the character of Geoffrey Charles for the series with an older performer. The fact that Geoffrey Charles is looking more like a young man as opposed to a child is a significant sign that the show is moving forward and allowing the sands of time to sweep over it. This was bound to happen eventually, and it’s now all the more clear that the show is moving in that direction. They would have to move forward eventually, mostly due to the Winston Graham source material really accelerating things when it comes to the show’s setting. This does give Ross Poldark more time to pursue politics, just as it also gives the characters more time to experience the various highs and lows of life. For example, if Morwenna is still trapped in her metaphorical prison by the Reverend Osbourne Whitworth, you have an additional understanding as to the lengths of her suffering. Meanwhile, if Hugh Armitage is still around you have more of a sense as to how long he is in pursuit of Demelza.

Meanwhile, the other bit of CarterMatt evidence of a Poldark season 4 time jump comes with the other children being recast with older performers, as well. This obviously makes sense, and the excitement that could come with this is that all of a sense, Ross and Demelza’s children may suddenly carry with them their own personalities. They are no longer just plot devices and barely-tangible things that are essential to the story. They have a larger role and are a component to the overall narrative in a way that was not fully explained before.

The crazy thing is that this Poldark season 4 time jump is probably not the end of the road for the show moving forward in time. In the event that the series is renewed for a fifth season (which seems fairly likely), there is a reasonably chance that we see something like this again. After all, there are some big leaps that are made within the source material, and with this you’re probably also going to see some other new castings in the role of familiar characters. We figure that most of the adult roles will remain the same, but the makeup crews may have to work overtime in order to age up some of the show’s primary characters in such a way that is appropriate.

What do you think of getting a Poldark season 4 time jump at around this point?

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