Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Who won the Veto — BB Comics edition?

BB ComicsThe Power of Veto Competition today in the Big Brother 19 house actually had the potential to be very interesting, largely because for the first time in a while, there were minor discussions about a shake-up to the game.

Earlier today (read at this link), Josh considered trying to target Paul, realizing that he was the Vanessa of this season and completely dominating every aspect of it. The only way to beat him in Josh’s mind is to take him out, but he wondered whether or not he had the actual fortitude to go through with the move. It’s a hard thing to commit to, and that was something that he may wrestle with the rest of the game depending on what he does here.

Much of it does ultimately depend on what happens with the Veto. For example, we do think that if Alex wins it, the idea of targeting Paul over Kevin becomes a little more appealing than it would be if the opportunity was still there to get Alex out of the game.

So what actually happened with the Veto today? Obviously, there are SPOILERS from the feeds ahead…

Well, most of the discussion about targeting Paul for the week is now up in smoke, given that he is now safe for the rest of the week. Paul won the Veto! This, in turn, means that it’s curtains for Alex unless she is able to pull some sort of magic feather out of her cap. Paul won’t use the Veto on anyone, and the rest of the week (even if it’s a short one) goes by as expected. Josh won’t be eligible to play in the final four Head of Household, but there’s only a few situations moving into next week where we do think that he would be in danger.

As expected, the Veto was the return of BB Comics, which follows up on what was apparently a part of the Head of Household Competition this week. We’ll get a chance to learn on the Wednesday show precisely what the alter egos for some of the houseguests were. There may be a little bit of news sprinkled in here occasionally.

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