Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Nominations and ‘tears’ (day 80)

nominationsThe nomination ceremony happened in the Big Brother 19 house late on during day 80, and it’s fair to say that the end results of it were tear-inducing for someone … not that most of America will probably care given their feelings about her.

So what are we getting from Alex now that she’s up on the block with Kevin? Well, to quote Cody with a saying that we truly hate: “victim noises”. We’d feel a little more sorry for her were it not for the fact that she has been pretty awful to people for most of the season (especially Kevin), and was incredibly arrogant for most of the time about how she, Jason, and Paul were running the game. Now, she is in a situation where if she loses the Veto, she goes home without any debate at all.

Alex is telling Josh that she feels incredibly betrayed by him, and he was the one person who she thought was going to genuinely have her back this entire time in the game. That didn’t happen, and she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore. Josh is trying to smooth it over the best way he knows how, which is really by being upset and not knowing what to do with himself. We do think Alex will be fine in a day or so, since she’s basically going through the various stages of grief in the way that many players of the Big Brother game do when they’re starting to stare their demise in the face. They realize that they’ve made mistakes, and really the person they’re the most angry at is themselves for allowing this to happen.

After the moment with Alex and Josh, Josh went back to (who else?) Paul, who made it very clear that Alex was just playing him. Then, he proceeded to do to her much of the same thing that he’s used Alex to do to others: Torment them. He proceeded to tell Josh that she can cry on cue and she told him that, and he took her down in order to build Josh up. This is what Paul is the master of doing in the game — planting seeds that someone else is terrible, and then winding up the toys for them to run around and do his bidding. It’s not the most likable strategy in the world, but it’s effective and Paul’s far from the first person to do it. While Derrick didn’t take as many low blows, he was great about unifying other people around a target; the big difference there was that Derrick would then go to that target and make them feel better about themselves before heading out the door to jury.

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