Outlander season 3: More Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton highlights

Caitriona BalfeWe know that this week in Outlander news, while exciting, can also be very much overwhelming. There are so many different shows/interviews happening that it can be easy at times to get lost in the fun of it all.

For the sake of this CarterMatt Outlander catch-up article, we want to give you a few more highlights of apperances that are happening, and also some things that will be coming up.

One of the first things that we want to do is just give everyone a friendly reminder that Caitriona Balfe will be on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight! It’s happening in just a couple of hours from this writing, but it’s a chance to see her in a comedic setting, which is something that you don’t get to see as much of during the morning talk-show interviews.

For those who are interested, Balfe shared this little tease on Twitter to give everyone a better sense of some of the conversation topics going into tonight.

Meanwhile, both Caitriona and Sam Heughan will be on Good Morning America Friday in order to discuss anything and everything related to the new season! Remember that the majority of the show’s viewers are not Outlander fans, so we doubt there will be anything too in-depth shared over the course of the show. We just hope that it proves to be a good time for everyone.

One other thing to remember

There’s a big event happening in New York City on Friday featuring a Print Shop and some of the other cool stuff that was at the event in Los Angeles. If you head over to the link here, you can read all about it right now. If you attend, we hope you have a good time and share some of your pictures with us on social media (we are @cartermatttv on Twitter and Instagram)! This weekend is ultimately turning out to be one enormous celebration of the show at the peak of its pop-culture relevance.

Finally, some more Sophie Skelton news

Sophie took part in a photo shoot with Harper’s Bazaar, one where she talked a great deal about the show. The quote below describes the relationship behind Roger and Brianna coming up:

“Their relationship is a slow-burner, but it’s more of a frustrating slow-burner. With Jamie and Claire, they came from two different worlds initially, and you almost watch them grow closer and closer. With Brianna and Roger, they actually come from the same world and they have a love of history—everything is in the right direction for them. But they’re both so stubborn, and both so bad at saying what they think, that everything gets between them. Every time they come closer, they get torn apart. I think a lot of that is because Brianna associates him with all the information that came to light in Season 3. We see her trying to deal with that conflict within herself: trying to work out who she is, decipher which parts of her are Jamie, which parts Frank, and which parts are just her.

“I think she almost needs to push Roger out of the equation so she can know herself before she lets him in. And because he’s the one person that she lets her guard down with, she’s scared so she pushes him away. And he’s not very good at communicating either, so they both feel this thing and don’t say it. It’s frustrating for fans, but it still gives them that thing to root for at the end. It’s young love.”

Want to get some other news on Outlander season 3?

Then be sure to head over to the link here! That’s where you can see our piece from earlier today all about what sort of impact all of these TV appearances is going to have on the show as a whole. (Photo: Starz.)

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