Longmire season 6 not on Netflix’s September release schedule

Longmire season 6Is Longmire season 6 officially set to premiere now in October or later? Signs are starting to point that way more than ever.

If you recall, we posted earlier this summer that the season 5 DVD release in late September was a sign that the show would be coming back to Netflix later than the past two seasons did. Now, that feels confirmed more than ever. The streaming provider recently shared its entire release calendar for the month of September, and Longmire is not a part of it.

Now, it is possible that the Robert Taylor – Katee Sackhoff series is added down the road, but this is not something that we are necessarily all that optimistic about. You have to remember that if Netflix were to announce a Longmire premiere date now or in the next two weeks for September, that would not be giving themselves an enormous amount of time in order to promote it. We know that promoting a show in its final season — one that they’ve never promoted too heavily in the first place — is probably not that high on their priority list. Still, we’d like to see it get a little bit of buzz before heading out the door.

(We would bemoan Netflix more for their lack of promotion, but let’s face facts — we’re grateful that they chose to bring the show back in the first place, and we got three more great seasons. Six seasons is a lot for a cable / streaming series these days, and it’s a blessing that we’ve managed to get this much story.)

For now, we’re feeling as though the series will be premiering at some point in the first two weeks of October. That would time the show out right with the DVD release, given that the studio likes to release those a couple of weeks before the premiere so that everyone has an opportunity to catch up on the show if they haven’t subscribed to Netflix at the time. For the record, our birthday is on October 13, and it wouldn’t be all that big of a surprise if the show launched the same way. Friday the 13th is probably not the preferred release date for many people out there, but maybe it’ll turn some luck around for many people.

Beyond season 6…

We’ve already written about the possibility of there being a Longmire movie down the road, and this is certainly something that we’re open to seeing in due time. It’s something that could feasibly go down if everyone involved is interested in doing more. For the time being, though, let’s just enjoy the new episodes that we do have coming on and we’ll worry about the future beyond that. Plus, that offers us all a little more time to figure out what the process of making a Longmire movie could be, given that it’s a little more challenging than just deciding to do one.

When do you want to see Longmire season 6 premiere on Netflix? We suggest that you share in the comments below! (Photo: Netflix.)

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