Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Are Matt & Raven nominated? (day 66, evening)

Matt & RavenIn our day 66 in the Big Brother house, and one of the big questions that we had after the nomination was clear: Would Matt & Raven believe a lie? Would these two somehow think that they were just going up on the block as pawns, or realize that there may be a bigger plan to take one of them out.

Well, Matt & Raven are still as oblivious as they’ve been for most of the season, and it’s worthy of one of the biggest eye-rolls known to mankind. We don’t know why in the world these two are as okay with being on the block as they are, but whatever floats their boat, we presume. They each think that the plan ultimately is that Kevin is going to be the replacement nominee and the target. If that doesn’t happen, they seem to think that Christmas, Josh, and Paul will vote how they ask them to and allow them to go out on their own terms.

Let’s chart out the rest of the week now, shall we? It may save all of us a little bit more time. If Matt and Raven stay on the block, then Matt will probably act like he’s ready to go and the group will get rid of him, making him think that it is his idea. However, they’re planning to get rid of him anyway over Raven, arguably one of the most useless Big Brother players in recent memory. If Raven for whatever reason throws herself on her sword (it’s not gonna happen), they’ll still get rid of Matt.

There’s a good chance that Kevin does end up on the block as a replacement nominee just for the sake of flexibility. Paul and his crew could decide to get rid of him if they feel like he’s acting a little bit too sketchy, and that may benefit them in their mind because Matt and Raven are so steady and haven’t accomplished anything in the game.

We hate to say it, but “Maven” is the biggest albatross of the season. One of them was cast for the story, and the other was seemingly cast to be a Big Jeff type. both failed completely, and the show’s now stuck with them. You want people who will on the show to fight hard; Raven seems more there to make herself a star, and Matt … well, he’s just there to chill and eat free cereal. We don’t quite know why in the world he’s there or what he wants to get out of this.

The Power of Veto Competition will be tomorrow — remember, nobody used the Tree of Temptation twist, which Matt & Raven mocked before going on the block earlier.

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