Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Tree of Temptation out of commission (day 66, evening)

Tree of TemptationThe Tree of Temptation lit up in the Big Brother 19 house this afternoon, and for some houseguests, their decision not to bite the apple will be one they regret.

After all, how do you offer someone a chance at a reward and there are no takers? It’s clear that 1) Paul has snowed all of these people into thinking that they don’t need it and 2) nobody wants to act like they’re in danger. This is part for the course for some of these players. They’re tentative, and somehow both scared and arrogant at the same time.

The people who probably will regret this the most are Matt and Raven, and they may regret this in a matter of hours when Jason puts them on the block. The plan seems to be to tell the two of them later that the plan is to backdoor Kevin, but Matt and Raven, however, clueless they may be (they’re pretty clueless), can’t possibly be that dumb. They’re intelligent enough to realize that there’s almost zero logical reason for Jason to want to wait on nominating a guy in Kevin who hasn’t won a single competition all season long, and has been eliminated early in most of them. Plus, we’re so close to the end that the odds are high that he’ll be playing in the Veto in the first place.

While not all of the items of the Tree of Temptation are ones that are good, there are some benefits in there. Take, for example, the two Vetoes. Theoretically Matt and Raven could’ve both secured safety for themselves for the week had they taken that and won.

Anyhow, we’re going to relish more than ever Matt and Raven being nominated after complaining about the Tree of Temptation and calling it lame. Our feeling is this: As outsiders, we can comment and jeer on production/the game however much we want. In the game, why are you going to mock someone who is effectively paying you to sit around and play a game with some random people all summer? You’ve got it pretty good, and it feels like biting the hand that feeds you when tons of people would be more than fine playing the game and taking whatever twist thrown their way.

It’s one thing to not use the twist, which makes sense for many people in the house; it’s another thing to outright call it dumb, especially since it’s not really designed to favor any one person. There is one more week left for the twist, and based on what happens this week it feels like the odds are higher that someone may actually do something this time around.

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