Should Supergirl season 3 consider casting Lex Luthor alongside Lena?

Lex LuthorAnyone who knows the entire Superman comic-book world is already intimately familiar with Lex Luthor. After all, he’s notorious! He is the most infamous villain within the comics, and arguably one of the biggest comic book villains in history. At this moment, maybe only The Joker in Batman rivals him in terms of global popularity.

So to see Supergirl shy away from casting him, at least to date, is a little bit of a surprise. This is a show that already cast Tyler Hoechlin as Superman, so if they were not beholden on keeping that character off-screen, why choose to do so with Lex?

For the sake of season 2, it did make some sense to keep Lex off of the show. After all, that’s when we were just starting to get to know Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath), and you didn’t want her arrival to be overshadowed by someone who wasn’t going to be an important part of this show. McGrath is now a series regular, and that should be your proof that Lena is very much here to stay.

As for Lex, the only glimpse we’ve seen of him so far is a young version of the character via flashbacks. Sooner or late, it makes sense to see more of him. Even if he is not a longtime enemy of Kara Danvers’, he is someone very much connected to the ethos of this series. It’s also easy to envision a way to bring him over for a couple of episodes.

1. Bring Hoechlin back first – Unless you do have Superman, there is no reason to make any sort of move to get this character on the show.

2. Bust Lex out of prison – Maybe Lilliam plays a role in this, or Lex figures out some way on his own in order to make it happen. He’s clearly smart enough to do so.

3. Lex makes a plan – Given that Superman knows Metropolis backwards and forwards, maybe Lex devises a way to get to him by heading to National City and starts to torment his cousin. Maybe he uses Kara as a means to lure Superman out, that way the Man of Steel is on more unfamiliar turf. Maybe Lex teams up in the process with some of Supergirl’s most-notorious villains — remember that Livewire is still out there!

4. Supergirl stops the plan – With the help of Superman and Lena, the three team up to defeat Lex in some sort of epic story. Maybe Lena has some moments where she’s morally conflicted, but eventually sides with the good side out of her interest to not become like her brother.

This is obviously just one idea as to how to utilize this character. There are obviously many others, but there’s a golden opportunity that the CW show has with this character. We just hope that they take advantage at some point.

Do you want to see Lex Luthor on Supergirl season 3?

Feel free to let us know in the comments! You can also head over here to read our other recent show feature regarding how to better use Winn Schott moving forward. (Photo: The CW.)

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