Grey’s Anatomy season 14 spoilers: Is Jo – DeLuca storyline dead?

Jo - DeLucaWhile it may not have been the focus of much of Grey’s Anatomy season 14, Jo’s feelings for DeLuca were very much part of the conversation. They were underlying through most of the second half of the season, and eventually DeLuca did learn (unfortunately for him) that these said feelings were not exactly reciprocated. We do feel for the guy, but at the same time, this is life! What makes this show so interesting is that the vast majority of time in the world feelings are one-sided. Occasionally it comes about to full-blown romance but it happens far more often within the world of TV than it does in life.

One other thing that is true to reality is that often when you have these feelings, they don’t just go away in an instant. They linger, and you have to be prepared for that. This is something that Giacomo Gianniotti discusses to Entertainment Weekly when talking about the Andrew storyline moving into season 14:

“It’s something that’s going to continue to be brought up until it has some resolution … He’s aware that he jumped the gun a bit on a woman who was very fresh out a relationship, went through a very traumatic experience, is running from a very traumatic experience, and he jumped the gun a little bit. He needed to give her some space and time alone to figure out and sort through her emotions, and maybe then she’d be in a better place to open her life to someone new.”

Do we think that this is going to happen? Probably not, mostly because it’s a little more interesting to have the relationship be one-sided here in terms of DeLuca’s feelings. We prefer that at some point down the road he find a romantic partner of his own who he maybe did not consider before, someone who holds more of a candle for him. Our feeling is more that Jo is going to end up back with Alex — their history may be messy, but there was a lot of passion there at one point and we do think that some of this passion could end up being there again. It’s probably just going to take some time and there are some more issues to work through, including that Alex sought out her estranged husband.

The one thing that is confirmed for Andrew this season is that we’re going to be meeting his sister! She will be coming to the Grey Sloan Memorial in order to practice her own brand of medicine, and while she may be rather good at it, there could be some tension that eventually forms between the two parties. You can read more about her casting, and what sort of tension we’re talking about, by visiting this link.

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