Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Kevin’s birthday and party poopers (day 48, evening)

Kevin's birthdayTonight, the Big Brother 19 houseguests had a chance to stop everything to celebrate Kevin’s birthday. Yet, not everyone was clearly in the mood for that.

Over the course of the night, we saw a birthday cake made, some family dinner, silly nicknames … but no Jessica and Cody, who decided to be total party poopers and sit the event out.

Let’s dive into their psychology for a moment here. We understand the lack of interest in hanging out with the likes of Paul, Josh, and Raven, but this isn’t real life. It’s a game where you need other people in order to move forward. It stinks that the whole house is against them, but this sort of isolation is the reason why. It’s hard to have sympathy for them when they did this the very first week, let alone on many occasions since. Cody in particular makes it challenging to support him — actually, it’s pretty impossible after some of the offensive things he said last night about transgender people through the lens of Audrey. It’s fine for him to have an opinion, but it’s not fine when that said opinion is an attack on another group of people and an affront to their humanity.

Anyhow, Cody is completely screwing over his game after Jessica leaves by not communicating with other people, especially since the odds of him winning safety every week from final eleven on are almost impossible. Even Kevin Martin on Big Brother Canada this past season didn’t do that.

Specifically, it’s weird for Jess and Cody to not show Kevin more love given that he’s one of the few people who’s actually been rather nice to them. Actually, Kevin’s one of the few people this season we genuinely love since he hasn’t been horrible to everyone. (Don’t think us being hard on Cody means that we’re automatically a fan of Paul, Josh, and some of their antics.) he’s been kind, friendly, and even gave up some information here and there. We know that there were some conversations back and forth about if they were/were not invited, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a party. Just show up and pretend to be nice.

It’s a pretty boring night other than this with very little strategy talk, other than Kevin needing to assure Paul that everything was okay after a mini-controversy broke out over a handshake. Josh seems fine with Jessica leaving now, especially since she keeps doing things that make it harder for people to want to.

Still, remember this: It’s only Monday. There’s still a lot of time left in the week. Remember that this is a lot of time for things to change. If Cody and Jess do something to change things around, we’ll be happy to praise them.

What’s with the noises?

Whether it be a baby crying or a jackhammer, there have been some odd sounds effects in the house today. Our guess is that they must be related to a competition at some point … or, maybe production’s just bored. It’s worth noting.

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