Bachelor in Paradise 4 promo: See Robby Hayes, Dean Unglert, & crabs

Robby HayesBachelor in Paradise 4 has unleashed another new promo — which feels right, given that the show’s return is one week away! According to show host Chris Harrison, there are also a number of interesting things that will be coming in the new season: Tears, heartbreak, and … crabs. Yep. Crabs. An invasion of these creatures will lead to panic in Mexico, while also probably bringing about a wide array of inappropriate innuendo.

Here is your regular reminder that the entire franchise is owned by Disney. House of Mouse, everyone!

Some of the standouts in this promo include the newly-eliminated Dean Unglert, plus the runner-up from JoJo Fletcher’s season in Robby Hayes, whose teeth may reflect off of the Mexico sun, blinding some of the women on the dates. You also see someone running around in a shark costume, and we’re going to go ahead and assume that this is the appropriately-named Alexis Waters. A good 90% of her fame at the moment is coming from her dressing like a shark and proclaiming it to be a dolphin on the first night of Nick Viall’s season.

Some other cast members from past seasons appearing here include the likes of Amanda Stanton, Jasmine Goode, some fairly-forgettable people from Rachel Lindsay’s current season of The Bachelorette, and the reigning Bachelor runner-up in Raven Gates. Basically, all of Rachel’s female entourage from this Bachelorette season is there in some shape or form.

Yes, there is also the controversy

How much more needs to be said about it? This promo doesn’t address it, and we’re rather happy about that given that the investigation is done, DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios are likely leaving in the first episode, and this is really not an issue to sensationalize. The headlines around it were serious, so the best thing that the show can do is treat it seriously (while still asserting that nobody was guilty of any wrongdoing), and then move forward and have a good summer the rest of the way. Keep things light and silly. One of the reasons why this show generates good ratings is because it’s just a hot mess and not something meant to stress anyone out watching from home.

The biggest concern that we have is not actually the controversy so much as it is that there are just not too many people on here who we’d consider huge characters or major selling points. Amanda was more popular last season, we’ve already seen a ton of Alexis, Jasmine, and Raven on The Bachelorette, and is Robby really super-memorable now? One of the weak things about the controversy generating so many headlines is that it’s completely overshadowed almost the entire show. With that, it’s going to be a super-strange situation when the show continues and there’s so little known about where the story goes from there. Maybe it’s exciting. It’s hard to say.

The one thing that we do

ABC regrets big-time the decision that they made to focus heavily on the controversy is one of their first previews for the new season. Read more about that over at the link here. (Photo: ABC, video via E! News.)

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