Poldark season 3 finale: Eleanor Tomlinson on Demelza, Ross, and Hugh

Eleanor TomlinsonWhen the Poldark season 3 finale airs on BBC One this weekend, you will see Demelza facing an enormous relationship decision. Will she embark on an affair with Hugh Armitage? There are clear feelings there, and there are distance and neglect involved when it comes to her relationship with Ross. These cracks have been built up more over time, and because of Ross’ lack of openness, we see them only increasing in severity as Demelza considers her feelings and Hugh seeks her out.

In setting up the events of the finale to the Radio Times, Eleanor Tomlinson shares precisely why it is that this prospective pairing with Hugh comes about in the first place — and it is very much Ross’ fault:

“Demelza loves Ross, but she doesn’t need him to the extent that she once did and I think that this relationship with Hugh comes out of someone paying her attention, someone highlighting her worth, while she’s being ignored by Ross.”

It all ultimately boils down to Demelza feeling the same way that so many others do in life, as we all do want to be loved on a deeply human level and it’s painful when things happen that keep that love from coming about. The more that Ross is secretive and makes his wife feel like she’s not on his mind, the more she will start to consider other options. She may take her marital vows seriously, but a marriage is a push and pull between the two and she’s resisted Hugh for a long time already.

Is there a part of Demelza motivated by revenge?

It’s probably tempting to think this way, given that Ross has been unfaithful to his wife and even kissed Elizabeth briefly on this past episode — in an imagined conversation with Demelza he tells her that the love he has for Elizabeth is not a deeply romantic one, but he never actually gets those words out of his lips. He instead lies about what happened at Trenwith.

While Demelza could want vengeance simply as a result of the infidelity she knows about, writer Debbie Horsfield makes it clear that she doesn’t perceive this to be a motivating factor. Take a look at some of what she has to say on the subject to the aforementioned website:

“I don’t think it’s motivated by a desire for revenge. That’s not who Demelza is. It’s not Demelza thinking she’ll get her own back, it’s more, ‘OK, I really fancy this guy, why shouldn’t I?’ … Ross is caught up in other things so he takes his eye off the ball and is maybe a little too sure that Demelza is not going to be interested elsewhere.”

One way or another, we will see how the story of Ross and Demelza plays out when the Poldark season 3 finale airs on Sunday night. Expect plenty of action and drama! You can view our first preview for this episode just by visiting the link here. (Photo: BBC.)

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