The Bachelor: Is Peter Kraus still favorite after Men Tell All?

Peter KrausWhat’s the worst thing about The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All tonight? It’s probably the fact that Peter Kraus isn’t a part of it. Granted, that would mean that he is not in the finale for The Bachelorette next week, and that would be upsetting to some people out there, as well who just want as much of him on television as possible.

In general, it feels very much like we’re in this continuous spiral of upsetting people at the moment when it comes to comes to Peter. There are ultimately a group of people who want him to be with Rachel Lindsay, and then another group who want him on The Bachelor. We’re in the latter camp, mostly because it is obvious at this point that Bryan Abasolo is her favorite and Peter is probably going to be the runner-up of the final three. We want him to be in a season where he will be the one sought-after, and we can learn a little more about him as a person.

We still don’t think, even after this special, that there is all that much that has changed when it comes to candidates to be the next Bachelor. Dean doesn’t seem ready (he already admitted as such), Eric Bigger feels a little too under-the-radar, and Bryan’s likely winning. Josiah from earlier this season would be interesting and we do like Kenny, but we don’t see The Bachelor featuring an African-American man just one season after an African-American woman. It’d be great, but it’s unlikely — especially when the obvious frontrunner seems to be Peter and he’s the fan favorite for much of the audience on social media.

Typically, The Men Tell All is where someone cements their status as a favorite or at least rises to become a contender — remember, at this point last year there was plenty of conversation about Chase McNary or Luke Pell being invited to be the new lead on the show. We just don’t think that anything said tonight with Peter not around matters all that much. In addition to that, we also think that the Men Tell All special by and large is pretty boring this time (not that we ever have thought that The Men Tell All is the pinnacle for show-related entertainment when it is actually rather boring). Having a dull show doesn’t help any of the guys on it have a chance for more run on the franchise down the road.

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