Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 7 review: Wynonna & what matters most

Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 7 review

For the most part, we’d say that Wynonna Earp season 2 episode 7 was one of the most entertaining of the season. With that said, it was also one of the funniest just because it looked at the characters from very different perspectives … at least until it got near the end. That’s where things started to get a tad emotional.

Through this episode, we saw a journey for Wynonna that was about her determining who was the father of her child. The first assumption was that it was Doc, but she made it clear to Waverly that this was not necessarily the case. While Waverly had her own mission, she sent Nicole back over to make sure that nothing happened with her gone. Wynonna brought her to a bar … but far from your typical bar. While there, Wynonna confronted a revenant that it just so happened she slept with weeks back. Unfortunately, he didn’t exactly clue her in on everything beforehand in terms of who he was, and when he found out everything (note: this is before Wynonna threatened to shoot him and before Waverly eventually found the two and knocked the dude out with a card door), he was starting to go on and on about creating a new race.

After waking said revenant up, the story eventually led to a showdown in the midst of the ice-cold outdoor weather. She debated as to whether or not to let the man go, given if he took off, he would tell everyone and complicate her future so much. In the event that he was the father, however, she found another struggle: Whether or not to murder the father of her unborn child, who was a pretty horrible human being who was giving her plenty of motivation to pull the trigger. Eventually, that is just what she did. It was an emotional choice, but let’s be honest here — that guy would’ve been a horrible, abusive father.

Wynonna does clearly have a lot to figure out here, but one of the things that the show did so effectively here was make it abundantly clear that her pregnancy not something that she wants other people to mess with. She’s calling the shots and staying strong.

Doc Holliday’s past

The story for Doc was somewhat of a ghost story, given that he found himself in the midst of a “trial” that almost led to his execution. Not only that, but poor Dolls and Jeremy found themselves thrown into the fray as well. This was a story that did have some great comedy to it, mostly when it comes to Jeremy’s various attempts to make things better that all blew up in his face.

Were it not for Dolls, otherwise known now as “Deputy Marshall,” there’s a good chance that Doc would be dead at this point. As turns out, he had a clever trick up his sleeve where he “outranked” the guys coming after Doc.

In the end…

Wynonna settled in to the idea of raising her child on her own, though we do think Doc will be there if called upon. Beyond that, though, it was Waverly who dropped the big surprise of the hour to her sister: She was questioning her family history and if she is an Earp at all. This storyline is back!

Overall Take

As we said earlier, this was a really fun episode of Wynonna Earp, but it did turn emotional at the end. The writers are doing a great job allowing Wynonna to tackle everything her own way; given just how big of a reveal her pregnancy was, kudos to them for giving us a full episode to really take that on and continue to surprise us along the way. Grade: A-.

Where do we go from here on Wynonna Earp?

If you do move your mouse over to the link here, you can see a further preview for what is coming up next on the series! (Photo: Syfy.)

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