The Fosters season 5 episode 2 spoilers: Why’s Stef frustrated with Callie?

Fosters season 5 episode 2The Fosters season 5 episode 2 is airing on Freeform Tuesday night, and the preview below is all about Stef airing her frustrations.

If you look below at the new sneak peek, you can get a good sense of just what sort of drama is ahead. Callie is continuing to ask about some of the legal cases that she’s messed-up in, and for the time being, it’s fairly clear that Stef doesn’t want to hear about any of it. She’s been holding on to some frustrations that for one reason or another, Callie doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of some of the stuff that has transpired around her. She’s placed herself in a position where she could easily still go to the jail — just because there are confessions out there doesn’t mean that the District Attorney has dropped many of the charges.

While we like Callie and root for her, we’re also not going to sit here and pretend that Stef is wrong for being so angry. Callie’s getting herself time and time again into trouble, and at a certain point it really doesn’t matter all that much what her intentions were. The reality is the reality, and she needs to look more before she leaps. It’s great that she’s daring and fights for what she believes in, but she also needs to find a better way in which to do that. Otherwise, she will perpetually find herself in these sort of positions where terrible things continue to happen and she’ll never be able to get ahead.

Tuesday’s episode is essential to Maia Mitchell’s character as she does try to forge ahead and figure out what her future path is going to be. She needs a direction so that she can build a platform for herself; getting involved more in art could be a good way to do that, given that any artists can use their creations to spark conversations and inspire change. Not only that, but art is also not the sort of thing that is going to get her in more trouble with the law. Let’s hope that she steers more in this direction, which is suggested in some of the promotional material that is out there already for the episode.

What do you think is coming for Callie?

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