Stranger Things 2 premiere date, poster revealed by Netflix

Stranger Things 2 premiere dateThere’s no more need to worry about a Stranger Things 2 premiere date; earlier today, Netflix made it official courtesy of a new poster!

As you can see below, the latest batch of episodes of the fan favorite, one that quickly became a cult sensation during its first go-around on the air, will start streaming on Friday, October 27. When you think about it for a moment, that makes perfect sense. Back when the first teaser for the new season was unveiled during Super Bowl Weekend, it was said that it would be coming out around Halloween. Netflix often releases their shows on Fridays, so the Friday before Halloween is the time that makes the most sense.

We’re certainly pretty darn confident that Stranger Things 2 will generate a ton of discussion when it does get released, especially since it will be well over a year at that time following when the first season came out. We don’t want to say that the new batch of episodes if “bigger and better” per se, mostly because we don’t quite think that this is the purpose of the show. The intention feels more like it’s going to be about the characters and bridging the gap between the otherworldly and the ordinary. It wants to look at supernatural stories through the most human of lenses, while harkening back to a very specific time in many people’s lives. It’s gloriously nostalgic, and while it may be scary at times, there is also this sense of fun and adventure that pervades through the story. It’s one of those shows that sweeps you away and reminds you of an era that’s gone by.

The October 27 premiere date, beyond it just being Halloween, is a great one for Stranger Things in that by this time, the network fall season will already be in full swing and it won’t lose any potential promotion because of that. It can come out, generate some publicity for itself, and have a launch that is however big they want it to. The timing of the launch is also great in that it’ll offer up the show a chance to be right in the middle of awards season. Late premieres do tend to benefit shows heavily when it comes to Golden Globe consideration; just look at the year that The Affair won not too long after it first came on the air.

As for what you can expect…

One of the only things that is out there at the moment is that you’ll see some more family members, it will have Nashville alum Will Chase in some capacity, and it will certainly feel “darker” without losing the signature tone of the first season. It’s evolving, but it’s not shaking up every single element of its identity.

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Meanwhile, head over to this link in the event you do want to get some further news and insight when it comes to the show right now. (Photo: Netflix.)

Stranger Things 2 premiere date

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