Nashville season 5 episode 17 spoilers: Zack / Will drama & more

Zach / WillWhen Nashville season 5 episode 17 airs on CMT come Thursday night, Zack / Will drama may be at the center of the story. That’s a good thing, given that the two characters need something a little bit meatier to dive into.

The big question at the heart of the relationship now is rather clear: Why would Zach keep secrets from Will? What does he have to hide from him? From the start of their relationship, they’ve had challenges — and many of them are understandable when you consider the circumstances. Will’s trying to have professional and personal lives that are completely separate from one another, and that has shown to be very difficult. However, Zach potentially having a double life could be even more troublesome, especially if he’s dating someone who is extremely concerned for his own privacy because of what one little public comment could do to his perception and his success.

Relationships in general seem to be a theme for Thursday’s episode no matter where you turn. Take, for example, the latest when it comes to Gunnar and Scarlett. They are trying to make things work and get ready to be parents, but the problem is that curveballs keep coming from all directions. One of the most recent ones is the journalist blowing up their story and putting Damien out there in the press. The good news is that Gunner seems to understand what happens, likely because he understands the press and precisely just how lecherous they can be when it comes to taking a story and blowing it completely out of proportion. The harder challenge may be getting their fans to feel the same way, since the perception of Scarlett has turned in a negative manner and she’s feeling that following her performances.

Can the two of them put on blinders and ignore most of the negative chatter? It’s going to be tough, and the best thing that they can do is show a united front and not let public commentary into their relationship.

As for Juliette and Avery, let’s just say it’s about time for something to be happening when it comes to their relationship. Things have been quiet on that front for most of the second half of the season; effectively, they’ve been too quiet since the blowup about Hallie came almost out of nowhere on this past episode. If there was jealousy on Juliette’s part, Nashville should have played that up so that it was more apparent. We’re sure that the two have the capacity to work things out, but there are no guarantees that they will.

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Meanwhile, head over to the link here if you want to get some other preview analysis — remember that we’ll have some further insight when it comes to the show in the near future, including a new review not too long after Thursday’s episode comes on the air. (Photo: CMT.)

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