Game of Thrones season 7: New Sophie Turner, Emilia Clarke photos

Emilia Clarke photosReady for Game of Thrones season 7? Then we certainly hope that some new Sophie Turner and Emilia Clarke photos add to the buzz.

Here within this article we’ve got two new photos for the season premiering on July 18, and the first one kicks things off with an appearance of Turner’s character of Sansa Stark alongside Littlefinger. What are the two speaking about? Well, you can probably surmise that it is something making Littlefinger reasonably pleased, given that he does not seem altogether angry in the heat of this discussion. Maybe he’s thinking about some sort of political maneuvering, given that this seems to be the biggest thing that makes Littlefinger happy.

It should also be said that he has more reasons to be happy now than arguably ever before, given the fact that he’s got Sansa exactly where he wants her: In a position of huge power. She may not be King of the North, but her ties with Jon Snow allow her to wield a great deal of influence. The two have a complicated relationship, but they can relay information. They’ve also both been through quite a bit, and that survivor status allows them to have a unique sort of trust.

Personally, we do think there are theories that you can make suggesting that either of them end up on the Iron Throne. Heck, we’ve already written them.

Emilia Clarke photos

Now, let’s turn things over to Daenerys

Here she is at Dragonstone! She sees the throne previously occupied by Stannis Baratheon, and this is her chance to continue her journey towards Westeros. It’s an epic, beautifully-lit photo of the character, and it’s certainly a far cry in terms of the color palette from where she was previously in Slaver’s Bay.

Now that she’s here, the next move for Daenerys has to be figuring out who more of our allies are in Westeros. Right now, she’s seemingly got a tentative alliance with Dorne thanks to Varys, but what about other parts of the Seven Kingdoms? We already know how the Iron Islands feel, and she may need to reach out now to Jon Snow and Winterfell to gauge their interest.

We cannot even begin to express some of our excitement about seeing some of these characters work together! We’ve come to know them so well over the years, and it’s great to finally be getting to this point in the story where these reunions can happen. (It’s also going to be incredibly sad in the event that they don’t get along.)

Want some more news via Clarke?

Yesterday, the actress talked about her eagerness to live in this character for the remainder of the series, but also her desire to move forward. You can read more about that over at the link here. (The internet is making a meal out of her comments that she’s uninterested in being in any spin-offs, but why in the world would she be featured in those to begin with? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.) (Photo: HBO.)

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