Poldark season 3 episode 4 review: Are Morwenna and Drake torn apart?

Poldark season 3 episode 4 reviewTonight’s Poldark season 3 episode 4 can be defined by many different things, with the first one being Demelza welcoming someone new into the world. Clowance entered the world, and Ross had a chance to meet him. This was good timing, given that the child came in on one of the few occasions in which Ross was not out of the country trying to save someone.

For Ross, welcoming a child is tremendous occasion, given the fact that he has another blessing bestowed upon him in the world. Yet, there is also a clear, present disadvantage that comes with the child’s arrival: Having to continue to find ways to support the family, and more mouths that are there to feed. Alas, there also was not a whole lot of food to go around. Men and women were stealing grain from Warleggan ships, and everyone was clinging to some small idea or essence of survival.

Let’s go back to Trenwith now, given that Drake brought over everyone’s favorite gift — toads! Who doesn’t love toads, beyond most rational people who don’t want to deal with slimy amphibians? The good news is that he is into her, just as she is into him. While he received the most unwelcome news that she is going to be going away for a while. The two almost shared a kiss before Geoffrey stopped by, proclaiming that he had come up with a way for Drake to contact them while away. How rude of Geoffrey to make such a kind gesture!

Here is the bad news: Demelza doesn’t seem all that keen on the Drake / Morwenna pairing, and even told her that going away would be a good thing. We suppose that we cannot write her down as a ‘shipper for the time being, can we?

George being George

Hey look, breaking news! Warleggan is still a terrible person. He doesn’t let Elizabeth dance at the party, and to go along with that further, he doesn’t bother telling Elizabeth that Geoffrey Charles was over at the christening for Clowance. Heck, he couldn’t even be bothered to tell her that Demelza and Ross had welcomed another child! Typical George in this way, keeping secrets and being terrible.

Can Ross be a hero?

It was our title hero who came up with a new plan in order to secure more supplies for Cornwall, one that proved to be incredibly entertaining in which it involved trolling George to no end and making him look as though he was actually charitable.

Meanwhile, George and Elizabeth had some plans of their own. In order to figure out a way in which for supplies to enter the town, Elizabeth’s cousin was set up in order to be with a wealthy man who would raise her status far beyond mere governess.

The problem is that Morwenna, understandably, is really having none of it. She is not altogether interested in the idea of being with a man she doesn’t know, and to marry without being in love. Elizabeth argued that the marriage to George is better to a marriage with Francis, which is something that we cannot imagine even if Francis was bumbling more often than not. George wanted to change Cornwall with politics, while Ross was more inclined to do so with action. The problem is that Ross’ actions came back to bite him when he opted to close off Wheal Leisure, putting dozens out of work at a time they needed them. Ross may have helped some with his plan, but it did come at the expense of many others.

Still, there is hope — there often is with this show, but it is a complicated sort of hope. Even though many of our heroes are on the same side, for example, that doesn’t quite mean that they are on the same page.

Here’s your tease for next week

Caroline has been working to get Dwight back, and Ross is about to get that much more involved. Oh, and George is off throwing some more threats when it comes to Morwenna and her potential new husband.

Overall Take

Tonight, we didn’t really learn much other than that George is still George, Ross is still a flawed hero, and that Morwenna is getting closer to Trenwith (and Drake) once more. This was effectively a story about plans and relationships, and with that, it was thoroughly entertaining. Who didn’t love the slow-motion, run-on-the-beach scene with Drake and Morwenna at the end? Pretty hard not to. Grade: A-.

Where will Poldark go from here?

To read more about Ross’ quest to rescue Dwight, and also more about George being George (the man would not have it any other way), head over to the link here! (Photo: BBC.)

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