Doctor Who season 10 finale: Steven Moffat wanted Peter Capaldi to stay

CapaldiThis weekend marks the final non-special episode of Doctor Who to feature Peter Capaldi in the lead role, and seeing him go will be tough. Apparently, it is going to be even harder for show executive producer and writer Steven Moffat. He is also departing at the end of the Christmas Special.

Speaking recently at the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 to promote “The Doctor Falls” airing this weekend, Moffat made it clear that he was “hoping [Capaldi] would stay on” as The Doctor for another season, explaining it further with the following:

“There’s only so much emotional trauma you can bear. I have had three versions of my childhood hero hand in their resignation to me, and there is no specific therapy for that — it is really quite difficult. [The best comparison is like] Santa Claus quitting in front of you.”

There was a time where there was some speculation when it comes to Capaldi’s future on the show, and that he may choose to stick around for one more season. However, that didn’t end up being the case, which led Moffat to figure out how he would write another regeneration scene. This is effectively killing off one version of the character and starting anew. It’s incredibly emotional, but it’s something that we can watch many times in a row on a loop. The show draws you in so much that you get teary-eyed; there’s something about The Doctor that is inspirational and applies to all of us. He may not be human, but there is something even more human about the words he says than what you will find in the majority of humanity. It’s complicated, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Get ready for “The Doctor Falls” to be an epic finale. After all, there is a showdown coming with Cybermen, and beyond that, also the threat of two Masters at the same time rearing its head.

What do you think: Should Capaldi have stuck around for another Doctor Who season, and what do you think the story could have held? Share below!

Also, click here to see a further preview now for the Doctor Who finale. All indications are that this one is going to be epic and then some. (Photo: BBC.)

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