John Barrowman may not be part of Arrow 6 season, or CW – DC shows

BarrowmanIs John Barrowman done with The CW – DC Comics universe for the time? It certainly seems as though that is so based on his latest comments.

While at Planet Comic-Con in Kansas City this weekend, Barrowman (see the tweet below) apparently told the crowd that he will not be a part of Arrow next season, or the entire universe for that matter. He offered up a reason, but we’ll leave that out to avoid any possible spoilers here. We suppose it’s possible that this is tentative and things could certainly change — after all, Arrow and The Flash have shaken up their plans many times before based on the direction of their story. (A classic example here is that Felicity Smoak originally was not meant to be as significant to the universe as she ended up being.)

If Barrowman does depart for now, it may make some sense given that he’s coming off of a lengthy arc over on Legends of Tomorrow, and sometimes the best villains are those who go away for a while so that you miss him. With Slade Wilson, for example, we wish upon reflection that he wasn’t a part of season 3. That episode didn’t do anything but dilute his character, and we would’ve been fine waiting until the finale in order to see him again. Distance makes the heart grow fonder in that sort of way. This is why if Prometheus survives this season, we wouldn’t bring him back for a year or two so that there’s an opportunity to move onto someone else.

Barrowman seemingly will return before the end of Arrow season 5, though he won’t have much of a memory of anything that happened to him in Legends of Tomorrow this season. With the Legion of Doom, the only one who didn’t get their memory wiped was Eobard Thawne, and that’s because he seemingly died after being taken out by Black Flash.

Arrow will return on Wednesday with an episode entitled “Underneath,” one that will be a key chapter in the Oliver – Felicity relationship. In the event that you are interested in securing some further news on the subject of it, we suggest simply that you head over to the link here.

Meanwhile, let us know in the comments what you think of the idea of Barrowman departing, and if you want to see him back in the universe at some point moving forward. (Photo: The CW.)

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