Chicago PD season 4 episode 18 review: Ruzek on thin ice with Burgess sister

Chicago PD season 4 spoilersSo Chicago PD has left us in a bit of an uncomfortable position when it comes to our love of Lindsay and Halstead. It was revealed on the last episode that Jay had been married before and while he though that he was divorced 8 years ago, it turns out that his wife never sent the papers in – he’s still married. When Lindsay came home she found him packing a bag to go and stay with Will for a few days until he got his head sorted out and Lindsay was not the only one left feeling confused. Why does Jay feel the need to leave? Lindsay has given him all her support in this situation while he figures out his divorce and he’s still flying the coop.

Since we are on the subject of Chicago PD relationships, let’s talk about Burgess and Ruzek. They are sort of back together, but it feels a lot like nothing has changed. Ruzek still doesn’t seem to be putting in the effort that Burgess deserves, and we are even more convinced of this when her sister (Nicole) comes to town and Ruzek reveals that he doesn’t know that she actually only has one sister and thinks they are two different people. Burgess isn’t the only one that’s not impressed by this as Nicole hates Ruzek. What was weird was that he seemed genuinely shocked by this information! We knew¬†Nicole and Ruzek together was going to be awkward, but it was so, so, so gloriously awkward!!! Awkward hug, awkward conversation, and Ruzek was happy to be pulled into work so he could avoid having an awkward coffee with her. We have to admit that we were hoping to watch that awkward coffee go down.

Burgess was thinking that Nicole was coming down just for a visit, but when they walk into her apartment, it’s filled with Nicole and her daughter’s stuff. Turns out that Nicole is in the middle of a divorce and while Burgess feels terrible for Nicole, she feels extra terrible for her niece Zoe. Can we just say that seeing Burgess and her niece together makes us want to see a Burgess baby at some point on the show. Just saying.

If you were hoping to find out more about Lindsay and Halstead’s broken relationship, there isn’t a lot to report on. There was an awkward moment where it looked like Halstead wanted to talk to her, but instead he just kept quiet. The tension between them in the office is bad, so Voight steps in and tells Halstead that whatever problems they are having personally, to get it in order and out of the office. Halstead finally talks to Lindsay saying that he just needs some time to sort things out, and that he doesn’t want to tip toe around her. She says that she needs time to herself as well. This talk relieves no tension at the office and it’s all so awkward still.

The theme of this episode “awkward”. Everyone was out of the comfort zone and in an awkward place. With Burgess sister in town, we expect more awkwardness to come between her and Ruzek, unless he can get himself together to fix the problem in a way that feels genuine. This Halstead and Lindsay story still makes zero sense to us, and we think this show is way smarter then the secret wife storyline. What we are hoping the root of this problem is will revolve more around some PTSD issues that Halstead might be dealing with, because this is an issue that other people watching the show might be facing as well, something people can relate to. Episode grade: B-

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Chicago PD? Leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts. If you want to check out a preview of what’s coming up on Chicago PD then head on over to the link here and check out our preview of the episode. (Photo: NBC)

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