Is Chicago PD season 4 episode 17 new tonight? A look ahead

Is Chicago PD season 4 episode 17 new tonight -Is Chicago PD season 4 episode 17 new tonight? It’s certainly a worthy question, but unfortunately, it’s also one with a rather-distressing answer: No. This is the final week of a hiatus that’s stretched since the end of February sweeps, but rest assured that come next week (March 22), you’re going to see Intelligence back with another run of episodes that will span the course of several weeks.

Like we reported earlier today with Law & Order: SVU, it does look like there will be another hiatus coming up in April leading to the May sweeps, but you do have some stuff to enjoy before we get around to that. What we’ve got for you below is a quick primer for the next three episodes, just in case you want a little bit of minor scoop in terms of what’s coming up. There’s nothing major in here, but it should give you at least a small indication of what there is out there to look forward to.

Chicago PD season 4 episode 17, “Remember the Devil” – This episode is going to feature a former flame of Halstead’s turning up, which in turn could spark some tensions between him and Lindsay. Why would that happen? Well, it may be due to a lack of openness on his part.

Season 4 episode 18, “Little Bit of Light” – Jules Wilcox is going to make an appearance as Burgess’ sister Nicole, someone who could have some questions regarding her and Ruzek. In turn, this could lead to some larger conversations.

Season 4 episode 19, “Last Minute Resistance” – Something terrible is going to happen to said Nicole, which leads to Burgess both feeling an immense amount of guilt as she will be desperate to get justice over what happened and ensure that she ends up being okay.

As you can see, there is a good bit to look forward to when it comes to show-related content, and we’ll do our best to provide as many different updates as we can as we get closer and closer to the show coming back on the air. The final handful of episodes will start in late April, and then run through to the middle of May. (Note that this is all tentative, and could change for a number of different reasons.)

Do you wish that Chicago PD was airing a new episode tonight, and what do you want to see coming up on the show? Be sure to share now in the comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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