Supergirl season 2 spoilers: Meet Maggie’s ex-girlfriend

Maggie's ex-girlfriend -Maggie’s ex-girlfriend is going to be coming to Supergirl season 2 a little bit later this season, but what does it mean? Is she there to disrupt things when it comes to the relationship between Maggie and Alex, or is there some different reasoning for her story?

The biggest thing that we can tell you right now is that her timing seems to, on the surface, be somewhat of a coincidence. Alex and Maggie are going to run into her at some point on the upcoming March 27 episode “Distant Sun.” Her name is Emily, and she is played by Hayley Sales. We also know that she is in town for a week. We don’t imagine that she is any major threat to this relationship, mostly because of the notion that they’ve already become so strong in such an extremely short period of time. If the series was going to split the two up this early, we figure that it would cause some revolts in the streets.

As for what else is coming up in this episode, let’s just say that President Marsdin (Lynda Carter) will be back — and yes, we will continue to wonder whether or not that name is some sort of intentional reference to the Martian Manhunter’s home planet. There are certainly some theories that are out there already about that! Why not have a little bit of fun stirring the pot? The President will be returning interestingly enough to speak with Hank Henshaw.

Finally, you are also going to see Supergirl under attack after an enormous bounty is put out on her. In turn, what this means is that there are going to be aliens from all across National City who are going to be coming after her. She’s gotta figure out a way to survive, and that can’t be easy!

If you’re interested in getting some further news, check out our The Flash – Supergirl musical crossover promo right now. The two-part event will be starting off on the next new episode of Supergirl airing on March 20, and it will end the following day on March 21. We’re going to be seeing Darren Criss of Glee fame appear as the villain Music Meister, and we feel like this ultimately could cause a completely different sort of chaos.

What do you think could be coming with Maggie’s ex-girlfriend? Share your thoughts with a comment! We’ll have more news coming up soon. (PHoto: The CW.)

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