Ian Somerhalder on The Vampire Diaries series finale … and Lost (video)

Ian Somerhalder on Jimmy Kimmel Live -

If you’ve been excited to see Ian Somerhalder on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the moment happened last night as the actor stopped by in promotion of the Vampire Diaries series finale. However, we don’t get the sense that Kimmel’s seen a whole lot of that show, so he chose instead to spend a good percentage of the time speaking a little more on the subject of Lost instead.

How the two even get to this segment in the video is pretty funny — Jimmy makes it clear to him that he knows that he can’t talk Vampire Diaries very much at all, so instead he pivots and tries to get him deeply immersed in a conversation all about Lost and the way that show ended. While we don’t get a whole lot of insight necessarily on that ending from Ian, he does make it clear that there are plenty of people out there who are angry at him still over the way in which the show ended. They come up to him and yell at him, almost as if he had something to actually do with the way in which it happened.

The hope here is obviously that The Vampire Diaries has a series finale that is a little less ambiguous for the one for Lost, and we certainly think that this is going to end up being the case given the sole fact that this show is far more literal and doesn’t play around in metaphor nearly as much. It takes more of a back-to-basics approach, and focuses a little more on a small, isolated group of characters going through hell. We know that Nina Dobrev will be back, and ironically one of her characters will be from hell — we’re talking about Katherine here! She is the sort of person more than capable of stirring up some trouble now that Cade is gone.

What we’re the most curious about at the moment is seeing what Ian chooses to do next. We’ve already seen the he is more than capable of tackling great drama, so we’d love to see him do something a little funnier and allow him to flex a few of those muscles that he doesn’t get a chance to use anywhere near as much on this show.

If you missed it, be sure to head over here to get a preview for the finale episode now.

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