The ‘Supergirl’ season 2 – Snapper Carr interview you didn’t know you needed is coming

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Will a Supergirl Snapper Carr interview prove to be interesting? It’s a worthy question, and it is one of the things that the CW series is going to be touching on as we move forward into the second season.

To date, Kara Danvers has shown to be rather astute at her job as a reporter, specifically when it comes to getting interviews and access to hero of National City. She just used her as a source on a recent episode, and this showed itself to be quite an asset to both her job and her relationship with Snapper.

Still, you can argue that the show’s dropped the ball to a certain degree in their presentation with the Carr character. Specifically, they’ve made him into a bit of a sloth-like curmudgeon with little interest in hard reporting. If he’s doing a job, we don’t often see it. The March 6 episode entitled “Exodus” could change that, given that over the course of this episode, you’ll have a chance to see Snapper show an interest in interviewing Supergirl himself. How that turns out and what it’s ultimately like remains to be seen, but we’re very much curious to find out.

The biggest fear we have about this interview is that it turns into a retread of the season 1 plot with Kara and Cat Grant. This is absolutely not something that we want. This should be a chance to invigorate Snapper’s character, and show Kara why he is so good at what he does. In doing this, maybe some of her own frustrations about the character and his methods subside, and the two can move forward with an association that is a little more harmonious as to one that is constructed more on acrimony, frustration, and not getting the answers either party so desires.

Unfortunately, there is still time still to wait between now and when this episode airs, but there are some things to look forward to in the interim! For one, you’ll get to see Jeremiah Danvers appear on Monday night’s new episode. For more of that, head over here.

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