Outlander season 3 notes: Caitriona Balfe at Oscar Wilde Awards; an assortment of highlights!

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Welcome back, Outlander fans! We’re back with the latest edition of show notes today, and there are an assortment of news to discuss. Before anything, though, less celebrate Caitriona Balfe at the Oscar Wilde Awards last night!

The event was held at J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot headquarters in Santa Monica, and Caitriona was one of many award recipients celebrated at the event, which was put on by the U.S. – Ireland Alliance to celebrate films and performers who provide an excellent representation of the countries onscreen. Balfe hails from Dublin, and of course did exemplary work on Outlander season 2. (She also did on season 1, but this is only meant to recognize the past year!)

Some of the other recipients on the night included famed singer, Glen Hansard, Star Trek film actor Zachary Quinto, and Ruth Negga of Loving and Preacher fame. Speaking per Variety, Balfe in particular acknowledged Abrams in the context of the event, given that he was responsible for giving her one of her first American acting jobs on Super 8, a film that (as noted before) is supremely underrated:

“J.J. gave me my first job in the U.S., so it’s quite a nice full circle event to be a part of. It was quite a small role, I played a mom in flashbacks, but for my first job it was such a big thing, and I remember going down to Virginia and meeting J.J. and we chatted for a few hours. He’s such an interesting guy, and he was telling me about how he started filmmaking when he was a kid.”

Congratulations again to Caitriona! Any award, especially one this notable, is worthy of further recognition.

Here’s your highlight reel

Understandably, this is a busy time, and there are a lot of other stories to read and things to do. Being that this is Friday, we thought it best to provide a highlight reel of Outlander stories from the past week as a means to get you all caught up on what we’re discussing at the site. If this is something that seems to be popular, maybe it will be included in the future. Let us know in the comments!

Saturday We discussed another awards achievement at the WIN Awards.

Sunday – Jump aboard with a new ship photo from South Africa!

Monday – Want to get some insight into the production schedule? Here’s an opportunity for that very thing.

Tuesday – Hear what an actor from Black Sails had to say about Outlander taking over their set in South Africa.

Wednesday Discussing how the later premiere date could help or hurt ratings, with evidence from other shows with long hiatuses.

Thursday Where the Outlander premiere date could fall with advance knowledge of the American Gods premiere date.

That’s all for day, but as mentioned, share your thoughts on Caitriona’s honors and the highlight reel in the comments!

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