‘Chicago PD’ season 4, episode 13 review: Halstead makes uncomfortable choices being undercover

Chicago PDLast time on “Chicago PD” (which was a few weeks ago now) we saw Burgess and Olinsky have a small break through in their working relationship. He’s been giving her a hard time since she came up to work with Voight’s team in Intelligence and while the two of them are never going to be besties we are happy to see some kind of progress. We recently spoke to Marina Squerciati about her the progress she’s made with Olinsky and Ruzek’s upcoming return! Check that out at the link here.

We haven’t gotten a lot of Trudy lately. Ever since Burgess left the beat and went up to Intelligence our favorite pair haven’t had as much chit chat time – at least not that we’ve seen. Trudy was complaining tonight that her desk has basically turned into a coffee bar for everyone to hang out at. One thing that was revealed tonight is that Trudy couldn’t remember a young girl (names Sam) from a year ago that she had behind her desk for 4 hours before social services picked her up. Is this just an honest “can’t remember moment” or is there something more going on here? What this was really about was that sometimes these young girls feel and become invisible to pretty much everyone – even people trying to help.

Tonight’s case was really uncomfortable to watch to say the least. Halstead is working undercover at an all girls youth shelter/school to find out who killed a 15 year old girl. After he learns that the young girls are trading sex for favors we can see him struggling to do his job and get the information from them without tipping them off that he doesn’t want to be sexual with them. He’s not able to get enough information from this one girl named Ellie about the dead girl (Sam – the same girl that Trudy couldn’t remember from the year before) as he tries to ride the line between being an undercover cop and doing something he can never come back from.

When Halstead tells Voight what’s he’s learned from Ellie, he says it’s not enough and that he may have to go to this place he doesn’t want to… which was a real eye opener to the kinds of things that cops have to do when they go undercover and how incredibly hard this job really is. Halstead decides to go another way and tells Ellie that he’s a cop and that he can help her. She opens up to him and tells him about a secret room where the girls are taken and it’s like something out of a horror show, but it’s enough to get the place busted and Ellie into safety.

“Chicago PD” is one of our favorite cop shows because they really do a brilliant job of making us feel like we are part of the case. Sometimes they make us feel excited to catch the bad guy, sometimes we are crying over someone getting away with something horrible and then there’s episodes like tonight that leave us feeling really uncomfortable. This is a show that isn’t afraid to make you feel something and it’s rarely that “feel good” feeling (although we do get that sometimes when we see Lindsay and Halstead together). Tonight’s episode may have given us a horrible stomach ache, but it was brilliant. Episode grade: A-

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Chicago PD”? Leave us a comment in the box below and share your thoughts. If you want to know what’s coming up next time on “Chicago PD” then head on over to the link here where you can check out a preview. (Photo: NBC)

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