‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ season 8, episode 13 review: Will Granger die? Mole tears team apart

NCIS -On Sunday night the fans of “NCIS: Los Angeles” watched as the team was slowly picked apart. In a worst-case scenario equation, one by one the agents found themselves arrested for crimes they didn’t do. All of the agents had virtually no prior knowledge of the situation either. Looking to be a setup, the situation becomes dire when the mole starts to reveal the plan to take down the team on the same day that Henrietta “Hetty” Lange is expected to turn over the office to the Assistant Director Owen Granger.

How badly hurt is Granger?

Fans watching the first moments of the show realized that Assistant Director Granger might not live for another season. After being for a long time, the point where he was knifed in the back was almost too much for fans to see. His life was left swinging in the balance and the team couldn’t help him.

While he was the first agent to be detained, the pattern started quickly evolving as different agencies started arresting different agents. LAPD Detective Marty Deeks was arrested by the LAPD. Then, Sam Hanna was taken into custody after a dead body was found in the trunk, and finally Agent Callen was picked up by ATF after explosives were found on his property.

As this quickly unraveled, Hetty was forced to explain to the Undersecretary of Defense Corbin Duggan what was going on with the team. Surprised and willing to help, Duggan did what he could to step up and find a solution. Perhaps his seniority went to his head after he decided to walk outside to talk with the SWAT about their impending arrests. Instead of being heard, he was shot by a sniper in the distance.

Can Agent Kensi Blye save the team?

It was pretty obvious to the fans that the one agent (who currently isn’t an agent) Kensi Blye might be the person who saves the team. She hasn’t been targeted yet and can still help Hetty figure out what is happening. Concerned and willing to do as needed, Blye doesn’t seem to have figured out a motive or the mole, but she has the best chance of keeping off the radar while she looks.

As fans watched, “NCIS: Los Angeles” was an action packed episode that didn’t end at the final scenes of the show. To be continued, the questions remain. Who is the mole? Will Granger live? What will Hetty Lange to do flush out the mole (and save her team?) We thought the action packed episode was intense and exciting, which is why it’s going to be difficult to wait and see the conclusion of this story! Episode grade: A.

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