‘This Is Us’ episode 12: What’s next for Toby, Kate after romantic gesture?

Toby -

Tonight, “This Is Us” gave you quite the romantic reward after spending so much of the winter hiatus dealing with torment. After all, what we ended up seeing here was Toby not only living, but he and Kate making a larger commitment to their future … sort of.

Are the two engaged? They are in some form based on the conversation that they had. The question that you should wonder though is whether or not this was one of those commitments that was made in the moment without the gift of significant consideration. The two are going to have an opportunity to celebrate where they are, but where will they be when the dust settles? That is going to be one of the more interesting questions now as we get into the next few weeks of the show.

In speaking about what you’re going to see for the two parties coming up, creator Dan Fogelman offered up a few more thoughts to Entertainment Weekly:

“As we move forward into the next few episodes, yes, they are calling each other fiancé by the time we return to them, but there’s something underneath their relationship which is slightly unsettling but still in a charmed way. They’re both going through this relationship of extremes together, where they’re up and down, and Kate is making a lot of big life decisions and going through in subsequent episodes a lot of stuff at her core and a lot of heavy-duty, emotional, therapeutic-type stuff. They’ve always been playing in their own version of Toby’s romantic comedy where things happen really quickly and decisions are made really quickly and without a lot of thought, and I think this ‘proposal’ continues that path. They act before thinking, and they act before analyzing, and that has both charming and positive consequences but then also can lead to problems. So I think you’re meant to feel a little easy about the proposal in terms of the very question you’re asking: “Are they really engaged?” [It’s] something we return to many times in the upcoming episodes.”

Will this season end in a way that makes everyone happy? For now, that is obviously the hope — it just remains to be seen whether or not that’ll happen. For Toby and Kate in particular, we do see them finding their way to some joy in the end, but it’s not necessarily going to be an easy road to get there since they still have a weight-loss journey, Toby’s recovery, and other personal problems on the docket.

What do you think is going to be coming on “This Is Us” between these two characters? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to head over to the link here to get a video preview for what is coming up! (Photo: NBC.)

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