‘Doctor Who’ season 10: Pearl Mackie teases different Doctor – Companion dynamic

Pearl -

For all Whovians, the fact that we can now see the horizon for “Doctor Who” season 10 has to be great news. There was a rather lengthy span of time in here when the new season still felt so far away, and there was another Christmas Special that we still had to get through before we even arrived to that.

Now, the tenth season is premiering in the spring, and we’ve even seen the new teaser out there featuring the arrival of Pearl Mackie as Bill. She’s the new Companion, and she’s different from Clara Oswald in almost every way. She’s inquisitive and inexperienced, but raw and wonderfully passionate. She’s a great introduction for new fans to the show, but longtime fans should love the zeal that she has and how she starts to get to know the world.

Within a new piece over at Uproxx, Mackie does her part to try and detail what it is like to play this part, and some of the appeal she feels that Bill has:

“She’s a bit of a challenge … I think that’s why he likes her, because she doesn’t necessarily react in the way he expects her to. She’s not predictable and very sharp, and he’s interested in the way she reacts to new information. That’s one of the first draws between them. However, she’s obviously fascinated by him and the way his mind works, as she’s never met anyone quite like him.”

There should be something amazingly fun and refreshing that comes with seeing her, provided that the new season meets our expectations and this character proves herself to be as advertised. The biggest thing that we’re looking forward to now is getting back into the natural rhythm of things through a season, one where you have funny episodes, dramatic ones, and of course the ones that terrify people for some inexplicable reason. It wouldn’t be the show without them!

Also, Daleks. How can you have “Doctor Who” without Daleks?

Before you go, you should head over here to see our take on whether or not Justin Chatwin’s Grant Gordon should return to “Doctor Who”! Also, let us know whether you feel like Mackie is going to work as a worthwhile Companion.

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