‘Shark Tank’ video: InBoard Technology, Nootrobox, Nomiku, and PetPlate

Shark tank -With Friday night’s new episode of “Shark Tank” vastly approaching, the purpose of this article in particular is clear: To give you more specific insight into some of the products that are going to be highlighted over the course of the hour across the spectrum. Want pet products? There’s one showcased here. The same goes for a new cooking technique, a skateboard with a new way to run, and a more convenient way to use a popular technique for cooking.

As with all of the “Shark Tank” video previews posted at CarterMatt, we’ve got individual links to each product below in the event that you fancy some further information. (Update: You can also read a full review for tonight’s episode here!)

Nomiku – The idea of the product is great, given that its purpose could help home cooks all over the country create wonderful sous vide cuisine. Everything that they say in the pitch below feels legit, and these two are pretty hilarious as partners. Here’s the rub: It’s hard to imagine that the majority of home cooks are going to know what sous vide even is, and you’ll have to show then in order for them to understand properly. You cannot do that with the product on the shelf. More so than anyone else on tonight’s episode, we feel like this brand really is going to need to go the extra mile to show off not only what it is, but how to use it in a way that is easy to comprehend.

InBoard – There is something about seeing Kevin O’Leary on a battery-powered skateboard than is visually appealing; what may not be to the Sharks is the idea of spending $750,000 for only 4% of the company. Huge valuations seem to be a theme of this episode, and that’s something to be discussed later. For now, the challenge with this company seems to be how they will be able to mass-produce a product that costs almost $1,400 when the majority of skateboard-riders, at least based on personal experience, don’t have anywhere near that level of disposable income. You almost have to create a new market for yourself.

PetPlate – This is an interesting pitch, since the guy responsible for the subscription-based healthy pet food business really comes out here with the base premise of “your pet needs this,” citing a wide array of different problems that dogs around the country face from obesity to diabetes to a high cancer rate. It’s a little more serious than the name would imply, and it’s hard to tell whether the Sharks will appreciate this angle over something a little more playful or fun. The other main concern may be the price, which is substantially more than your average pet food.

Nootrobox -The concern entering this presentation was if this was going to feel like another fly-by-night “get better” supplement that tends to get laughed out of the Tank due to a lack of viable research proving that the product actually works. In hearing what is in this sneak peek in terms of the presentation, these guys do seem credible as they introduce their product line, developed meticulously for the sake of improving overall cognitive ability. The problem that they may run into here stems from their valuation: $2 million in exchange for 5% of the company. It’s understandable that these guys are from Silicon Valley a.k.a. the land of huge valuations, but unless they have generous sales to back this up it’s almost impossible to imagine a Shark giving them what they’re asking for. If their business is already worth $40 million, why are they even there?

If you missed it, check out at this link a further preview for some preliminary insight on Friday night’s new “Shark Tank,” including a reminder that a familiar guest Shark is poised to return. (Photo: ABC.)

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