‘Shiptober: Should ‘Teen Wolf’ season 6 bring Tyler Posey’s Scott someone new?

Teen wolf -Mrs. Carter: Is there any hope at all for Scott McCall to find love before “Teen Wolf” ends?

We’re entering the final season of “Teen Wolf” with new episodes starting next month, and the status of Tyler Posey’s character romantically is one of the more interesting facets of where we are right now. Whether it be with Allison or more recently Kira, love interests have remained a fairly key component to this role over time. However, entering the sixth season he’s in a new, interesting place: Alone. Arden Cho is not returning to the series, and it seems as though Scott may have more important things on his mind in the early going here rather than finding someone to be with him.

Will this current state continue? Will Scott finish the series single? That’s something we want to profile further in the latest chapter of our ‘Shiptober series.

The case for a new love interest – This is a show that, scary as it may be for the characters, feels like one that should have a happy ending. For many people, a “happy ending” is defined by having someone to spend your future with. Giving Scott someone new to love, and potentially someone who is accustomed to a more normal life, could offer him something he is surely craving at this point. We know that he’s worthy of love as a character, and it could give him hope and something to fight for. If times get dark in the final season (and they certainly could), this could be rather valuable.

The case for no love interest – Does Scott really need that to have a happy ending? While everyone wants love in their lives, he may have that in the form of his extended friends and family. This show could send a message that you can be perfectly happy without a love interest; or, you can argue that Scott just shouldn’t get one because there isn’t a whole lot of time remaining for a love story beyond what the show may have planned already with Stiles, who won’t even be around for all of it. You don’t want to throw in a romance for the sake of it, especially if it doesn’t feel strongly-developed enough.

Do you think that Scott should get a new love? Now’s the time for you to share below!

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