‘The Real World: Bad Blood’ episode 2 review: Swimming in a sea of hot mess

Bad Blood -Do you know when you’ve got a good season of “The Real World“? When you don’t even unveil the twist, and yet at the same time you’ve still got a lot of entertaining content.

With that being said, let’s not pretend that all of these people are the sort we’d want to hang out with. Anyone who takes it upon themselves to hype people up at a club probably isn’t our kind of guy. (Maybe this endears Robbie to the people in the house, but it’s just not our speed.) The same goes for Mike, who goes ahead and assumes with Katrina that he has way too much sex in order for them to ever be compatible. These are the moments you groan in frustration.

Yet, at the same time, there are some genuine, real moments that remind us why this show works so well: MTV does a good job casting people who are okay with being upfront about their past. Watching Katrina share the story of her broken relationship with her sister was painful, and a little more cruel knowing that said sister was going to be in the house eventually. Meanwhile, Tyara made it clear that the lack of a relationship with her father could be a reason why she has so much trouble finding the right guy to date now. Maybe Theo’s good for her, maybe he’s not. It’s a little early to tell, but this seems to be the showmance of the season at present.

We don’t necessarily think contestants see the twist coming; while it may seem like they’ve been tipped off because of editing (why else would Tyara talk about being cyber-bullied by one person in particular), just remember that there are hours of footage left on the cutting-room floor.

The good news is that while we don’t relate to these people (as mentioned above), at the same time we don’t loathe anyone so far. Nobody’s spouting off racial slurs, and nobody’s so insufferable that we immediately want to mute them. We’re enjoying what we’re seeing, but at the same time, it still feels like we’re just buying time until the real drama arrives and everything explodes. At least the producers have gotten rid of the inane tasks from last season. That’s a start. Grade: B.

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