‘The Flash’ season 2: The latest ‘who is the Man in the Iron Mask?’ chatter

Iron MaskThere’s another new episode of “The Flash” airing on The CW Tuesday night, but unfortunately, we don’t exactly think that we are getting anywhere closer to getting answers on this particular question than we were weeks ago: Who is the Man in the Iron Mask? His identity has haunted fans for weeks, and the show is not shying away from reminding you that he is there.

At this point, many of you probably know a thing or two about who the suspects are; therefore, we want to approach this debate in a slightly different way by looking at the evidence that is out there.

1. Multiple claims that the reveal is shocking – We’ve heard this from everyone from Teddy Sears (Zoom) to Carlos Valdes (Cisco) over time. We’ve also heard the producers speak with pride as to how they pulled this twist off. If it is one of the most-discussed candidates, it’s probably not in the way anyone expects.

2. Zoom needs him for something – This isn’t just some normal prisoner. There’s a reason that he has been held there, and also why he cannot speak.

3. Don’t read too much into his complexion – That seems to be constantly changes. There are times when he seems to have darker skin, which suggests he could be Earth-2 Wally West. However, there have also been times where it seems like he has lighter skin, which has given credence to the Eddie Thawne or Henry Allen theories.

Also, don’t read much into any physical attribute of the character. Sears is a fairly tall actor for the show; yet, we never really noticed early in the season that Zoom was significantly taller than anyone. Some visual tricks can easily be forgotten about after the reveal.

4. He’ll be revealed in the finale – Therefore, don’t expect any definitive answers before them.

5. People we’ve met – We already know Earth-2 Barry, we have Earth-2 Harry on Earth already, and Earth-2 Joe and Cisco are both seemingly dead. It wouldn’t be a big reveal if this was a minor character. We haven’t met Wally, and while Henry was mentioned, we haven’t seen him over there yet. Some outside possibilities therefore include such ideas as Barry from the future, a resurrected Earth-1 Harrison Wells / Eobard Thawne, or another incarnation of Jay Garrick / Hunter Zolomon desperate to screw things up.

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