‘Shiptober: Will ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 12 bring hope for Callie, Arizona fans?

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Mrs. Carter: Can one of “Grey’s Anatomy’s” favorite longtime couples find happiness again?

When the news first hit that Callie and Arizona were splitting up, it was a metaphorical dagger to many fans. This is a show where divorces and character deaths are fairly common, and with that you do want to hope with every fabric of your being that someone manages to have a happy ending. Maybe there is still a possibility of that, but since happiness does not always make for interesting drama, most of it tends to happen in the time on the show that we do not see.

While the two are not only apart, but also seeing other people, that is not stopping us from asking the big question in the latest edition of our month-long ‘Shiptober series: Is there hope for these two characters (shown above in their happiest of moments) to make it work? We lay out the case both for and against it below.

The case for a reunion – It’s pretty clear to us that the feelings are still there. Maybe they are overshadowed at times by their fear that they cannot make it work since they couldn’t the first time, but those feelings are not going away. These two have had some time apart now to figure out some of the problems with themselves, and with Arizona in particular, we know that she is still having a hard time hearing Callie talk about her new girlfriend Penny.

Here’s another problem: Penny herself. Is anyone that confident that this relationship will last? They are clearly not starting off at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital together on the right foot, fresh off of the knowledge that Penny is responsible for what happened to Derek. Callie knows that mistakes happen as a doctor, but it may be this particular one that causes problems for the two of them. We don’t want to see Callie cheat to get back with Arizona, but if things go south with Penny, she could be single soon.

The case for keeping them apart – There is a reason that Owen and Cristina did not get together again before she left: The relationship had run its course. Maybe there is that same sort of feeling here. While creator Shonda Rhimes has never confirmed that the two will be apart permanently, she has also never said that they are going to get back together. It all comes down to where the story takes these characters, and it’s possible that they could find relationships that suit them better. Maybe in this time apart they’ll come to figure out that they are better in other relationships, and maybe that is something fans will also respond to. The main argument for having the separation last is that you are giving yourself time to explore that and see what happens on the other side.

We don’t see a resolution to this story one way or another anytime soon; it’s just something fascinating to keep track of as the season progresses.

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