‘The Walking Dead’ season 6 spoilers: Where are we going with Glenn and Maggie?

Maggie -Sometimes, it is difficult to talk about romance through the lens of “The Walking Dead,” mostly because in a zombie apocalypse, this is the first and last thing you would think of. Let’s expand upon that for a moment:

-When you think about survival within this sort of world, in theory wouldn’t love be the last thing you want on your mind? You want to do everything that you can to stay alive, and it is very hard to focus on a relationship in the process of that. It may even be a liability.

-However, isn’t love something that motivates you? This is why it could be the first thing you would think of. You need a reason to keep going, and having someone to fight for is pretty powerful. It makes you think that there is still a way to plan for the future.

So for Glenn and Maggie moving into season 6, they get to experience this full range of emotions once again, only this time within the town walls of Alexandria. You are actually going to see a lot of them apart, but as Lauren Cohan tells Entertainment Weekly while promoting the upcoming episodes, this may actually be a good thing:

“You know, it’s really great and I feel like we’re learning so much about the Maggie and Glenn relationship by not seeing them together as much. But you see them do things in honor of the other one. You see quests that Glenn has to go on and quests that Maggie has to go on, and it, to me, is what the marriage should be. It’s like living for the good of that other person. We definitely have some really, really great moments this season and they’re evolving. It’s been such a crazy journey.”

Will the two have moments in the sun? Sure, but they will also have moments apart. Cohan says that this is her “favorite season” yet, and while we know that you hear this all of the time with actors promoting a new season, we’re inclined to believe her here. The setting allows for more opportunity to explore interpersonal relationships.

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