‘Ink Master’ season 6 finale review: Did Chris Blinston, Dave Kruseman or Matt O’Baugh win?

KrusemanWho won “Ink Master” season 6? We are sure that’s why you’re here and we have the answer for you, but first let’s take a look at the episode tonight and the tattoos that the artists produced for this final challenge.

First we had a chance to see the artists working on their 6 hour tattoos (the styles were voted on by America). Chris Blinston got color realism after campaigning online for it (very smart move), and he got a very mixed reactions from the crowd with boos and cheers. Matt O’Baugh also got color realism admitting that he didn’t campaign for it, and he also got some mixed reactions from the crowd. Dave Kruseman got American traditional, which was exactly what he wanted, and as for the crowd he had all cheers and chanting of his name.

After voting all night, the best live tattoo went to Chris Blinston and it secured himself a spot in the final 2 as well as $10,000! The judges chose Kruseman as the other artist to go to the finale based on the 6 hour tattoos. We had a chance to see Matt’s master canvas tattoo (as he was eliminated at this point) and it was absolutely beautiful. Soft, black and grey design of a woman and if he had made it to the final 2, he was going to give Chris and Kruseman something to worry about. It was painful that Matt’s tattoo wasn’t judged and we have to say that we really aren’t sold on this 6 hour tattoo choosing the final two.

Before we get to the master canvases and the winner of “Ink Master” season 6… here’s a little bit of “Ink Master” drama from the artists tonight.

Ink Master Drama: Although the audience tonight really loves Kruseman, some of the other artists (as well as the mixed reaction from fans online), felt that he shouldn’t be in the final 3 and in fact Big Ceeze feels that Craig Foster should’ve been there over him. If you are wondering if Tyler Nolan and Marisa LaRen are still together… they are! Tyler told us just a few weeks ago that they have moved into a house together (you can read Tyler’s interview here). St. Marq was in rare form tonight, playing himself up to be the ultimate villain (to be fair there was a lot of focus from Dave Navarro on St. Marq as well) and we suspect he’s pushing this “bad boy character” to get a spot on an all-stars season (UPDATE: We now know that St. Marq is going to be part of “Ink Master” season 7 and if you want to know who else will also be returning then check out our preview here).

When the eliminated artists were asked to hold up their hands on who everyone thought should win tonight, it was overwhelming support for Chris to win. Now it’s time to get to the final master canvases, because we all know that what you really want to know is: Who is the winner of “Ink Master” season 6?

Chris Blinston: Chris created a large scale, full color tattoo of a pinup girl since they didn’t have a pinup challenge this season. It was a very cool tattoo, lots of color, rock and roll, and a route 66 feel to it. There is nothing bad to say about this tattoo and we were a little worried about Kruseman.

Dave Kruseman: He is bringing us a an American traditional tattoo and this tattoo was no joke – we had nothing to worry about with Kruseman. This tattoo is something special, and while American traditional isn’t our favorite, this tattoo has turned us around, it’s just gorgeous. Strong, saturated, clean lines and a cool design. This is bad ass.

So who won “Ink Master season 6? The judges decided that Dave Kruseman is the winner this season! We really thought that Chris had this competition in the bag since sending St. Marq home, and with him winning fan favorite and the amazing job he did on his master canvas we were surprised he wasn’t named the winner.

This finale was a lot of fun and hit every mark: There was drama, great tattoos and even though we have said that we would have been happy with any of the final three winning, Dave Kruseman was a great winner. He played hard all season and we loved his work. Great job Kruseman! Episode grade: A

What did you think of the outcome of “Ink Master” season 6 and are you happy with Kruseman as the winner? Who do you think should’ve won? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think.

If you haven’t heard the news about “Ink Master” season 7 and you want to know who is returning next year then head on over to the link here where you can find out more (here’s a few names to get peak your interest: Sarah Miller, Sausage and St. Marq!). Also, if you want to get some great TV news sent your way then be sure to sign up for our weekly CarterMatt newsletter. (Photo: Spike TV)

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