ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 4, episode 15 preview: Margaux sets Emily up

Emily -For many weeks now, we have wondered why in the world ABC decided to name Sunday night’s return of “Revenge” “Bait.” Well, we now have a pretty clear answer to that courtesy of the new sneak peek below.

At first, this clip can be described as “Emily Thorne being awesome,” which mainly entails her scaling up the side of a building, while Nolan Ross tells her a thing or two about how to evade any detection and complete her mission. As it turns out, though, this entire mission was goaded on as some sort of plan by Margaux to completely destroy her once and for all. As soon as she enters her desired location, the authorities are ready and waiting.

Ever since the hiatus started, we’ve said that physically, there is no debate as to who is better between Emily and Margaux. The former overtakes her any day of the week. However, this is more of a mental battle. Like Victoria Grayson for better or worse, Margaux uses power and money as her weapons. She’s convinced on the idea that Emily is responsible for Daniel’s death, and she will do anything in her power to make sure that justice is served. She’s almost obsessed in a way, clinging to the idea that “justice” will actually soothe her soul when it will not. As a matter of fact, we wonder if a certain percentage of her actions are born out of personal grief for not appreciating Daniel more when he was alive.

We could spend a while trying to analyze the mind of Margaux; instead, we’ll just say that this will not be an easy pickle for Emily to get her way out of in this episode.

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