‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 11 spoilers: A slight wait on Amelia, Owen

OwenIt is definitely understandable if you are finding yourself rooting for Amelia and Owen to get together on “Grey’s Anatomy” season 11. After all, Shonda Rhimes and company have designed this narrative for a reason, and that is to really try to make you wonder if there could be a future for these two people, who have each clearly been through their fair share of loss and heartache.

Eventually, we want to think that the show will get there for the two of them. It’s just not going to be right away. As executive producer Shonda Rhimes says in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the issue that Amelia faces right now is that she has other priorities … and quite a few of them, with the surgery and Dr. Herman topping the list.

“We have other stories to tell. It doesn’t have anything to do with being kissed. It has a lot to do with Amelia as a surgeon, [and] that is some of my favorite story. But that does not mean that we are not also telling the story of Owen and Amelia’s affections for each other.”

Ultimately, think of this as a slow burn. After all, the show is almost certainly coming back for a twelfth season, and there is no reason to make something happen this season. Plus, we understand from a storytelling perspective to continue to want characters in various stages of their personal lives. Many of the doctors at this point have a special someone, so you want to continue to add many layers to the mix.

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