ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3, episode 15 preview: Watch a Katie Lowes sneak peek!

Quinn -Is it possible that someone really could try to kill Huck on “Scandal“? When you think about this crazy show, you really cannot rule anything out … and that includes the possibility of characters being killed off left and right. Huck is someone who constantly lives on the edge, and while that may often be an advantage to Olivia Pope and her team, there are also consequences that he also must face for some of his actions.

These consequences do at times include having to deal with the aftermath of trying to kiss Quinn in a moment that really got everyone talking last week. In the video sneak peek below, Katie Lowes’ character has a one-on-one conversation with Charlie, but one thing that she declines to do in this process is disclose just what exactly Huck did with her while he was there. While she did not exactly reciprocate, there is seemingly a certain amount of protection that is still there on her part.

Is Quinn actually trying to protect the man who recently performed a very nasty form of dental surgery on her? It’s possible, but another thing that you may want to consider here is that maybe, Quinn just doesn’t want to deal with the drama, and doesn’t want any potential blood on her hands in the event that Charlie decides that he wants to kill him. We already know that B613 has no problem with doing so; what happened to poor James is a perfect example of that.

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Photo: ABC

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