‘Continuum’ season 3 exclusive: Rachel Nichols sets up premiere, story ahead

Continuum -Tonight at 9:00 p.m. Eastern, get ready to see the start of a whole-new adventure as “Continuum” premieres its third season on Showcase. (For those of you in America, you’re going to have to wait a little while longer, given that the show launches on Syfy Friday, April 4.) This is a season that will once again raise questions about time travel, and throw Kiera Cameron into some situations that are extremely crazy even for her.

For Rachel Nichols, this journey was yet again something that was a complete thrill ride to film. There is a combination of action and drama, of character development and cool sci-fi goodness. This may be one of the show’s strongest seasons yet, and she was kind enough to chat with us all about it this week. This interview is basically a two-parter, as we will be back with another portion of our chat with Rachel after the premiere to get a little more in-depth about what actually happens in the episode with the Freelancers and with Alec Sadler. You can follow the link here and refresh the page to get more updates.

CarterMatt – Actors on this show seem to have a much more difficult challenge than most, having to keep track of everything while also bringing depth and personality to who they’re playing.

Yeah, because you have to keep track of which Kiera knows what and [what everyone else knows in their given time period]. But that’s really part of the fun. There’s really never a dull moment. This is not one of those TV shows where there is a talking head. It’s all in, every day.

Is it becoming harder for Kiera to sort of balance what she is trying to do in the [present] timeline of the show and also remember her goals and hopes to get back to the future?

Yeah, there is the wanting to get home and wanting to see my son. [We kind of painted] my husband in a dark way, but that doesn’t mean that I have completely written him off. But then [there is] the understanding of trying to maintain the future that I left just to get to my husband and son, but [at the same time] I could actually be enacting change that could make the future a better place. That would be really selfish to just [think for myself].

Season 3 is very much about for the greater good, and that Kiera has pretty much decided to stay in the present day and make a better future. She says ‘I used to feel like I abandoned Sam by being sucked back 65 years where I cannot see him and be with him, but now I feel like I may be getting an opportunity to protect him instead.’ It was a pretty difficult decision to make, but it is the one that she goes with.

The premiere episode is really pretty action-packed. Are we going to see a good bit of that this season along with some of the character-building stuff?

I think we do a good balance of action and then present-day stuff and future stuff and emotional stuff. We work on all the characters, which makes it really special. And at the end of last season when I had that epic battle with Roger Cross, who plays Travis … that thing took forever to shoot. It was extensive, and I came away with many bruises from that.

This season will be no different. I haven’t read the final two episodes, but the fight coordinator sent me a video of a massive fight scene with my doubles going through it. I know that there is a lot to come in the finale episodes. I would say that there is probably more action in this season, and I welcome it because I love shooting that stuff.

Oh good, because that was going to be my next question, is what you prefer shooting on the show the most.

I love it all. I get to do the fight scenes and I get to be kickass and I get all of this really cool future tech, and I like that Kiera is often the lone wolf and she does spend a lot of time in the present day alone and going through stuff and going rogue. I love her relationship with Carlos and her relationship with Alec, and both of which are tested a lot this season. I love that there’s emotion there and it isn’t just hardass all the time. There is a sadness and a vulnerability in that. I really get to play everything when I play Kiera Cameron, and that to me is not only important, but there is literally never a dull moment [because of it].

Alec -You say that Kiera is a lone wolf, and trust is something that is hard for her to come by. Given everything that happened last season with Alec, is trust becoming something that is even harder for her to do now?

Yeah, absolutely … Once Alec betrays her [in the manner he did at the end of season 2], she does have a real hard time not only trusting Alec, but trusting what anyone tells her. That’s a really lonely place to be, and her and Carlos are a little at odds, as well. It’s a real struggle for her.

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