Jimmy Kimmel’s full Rob Ford interview: Awkward, strange, and repetitive

Jimmy Kimmel -When everyone first heard that Rob Ford was going to be a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!“, the feeling was probably somewhere along the lines of “this is probably going to be hilarious.” After all, the Toronto Mayor has become the stuff of internet legend (though not in a good one) courtesy of some of his antics, and we imagine that most people assumed that he would come on the show and be that same exact guy that they saw on the internet.

Instead, what you really had here was a good 15 minutes of Ford just sitting / standing around and repeating the same exact phrases over and over again. He wanted to focus on the money that he saved Toronto, and the fact that he is seemingly running for Mayor again later this fall.

To us, the two funniest parts of the video are as follows:

1. Him tossing t-shirts out into the crowd upon his entrance just like he was at a basketball game.

2. His saying that he wanted to go on the show to encourage people to visit Toronto … and then listed a number of reasons such as “the garbage strike and the TTC strike are over.” Wait, aren’t you supposed to be selling the city?

Kimmel was desperately having to steer the ship the rest of the time, and it often did not go very well for him. Instead, he was trying to throw almost everything insane Rob Ford has ever done at him … and there really wasn’t a whole lot of them that stuck. The whole real basis of this interview is to watch a trainwreck, and Ford came off more like a politician with a habit of doing some stupid things.

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