‘The X Factor’ USA winners Alex & Sierra attend Grammy party, record with ‘Teen Wolf’ star

Alex & Sierra -Clearly, January is turning out to be a rather good month for Alex & Sierra. Despite their not being new episodes of “The X Factor” USA on for them to perform on, these two are still finding plenty of ways to make some headlines.

Let’s not bury the lead here … and let’s talk about Grammy parties! The two had the perfect opportunity today to attend their very first event associated with music’s biggest night, which has to feel like one of those jaw-dropping, eye-popping events the very first time that you do it. (Photographic evidence below via their Instagram page.)

This great news is really just in addition to some other great news, since these two posted recently on Twitter that they are in the process of recording a duet with none other than “Teen Wolf” star Dylan O’Brien. So what happens when you combine wolves and former singing-show contestants? We really wish that we had something much more clever to write in here as a response, but we’re drawing a blank that will probably come to us after we write this and put it up.

When it comes to the future of Alex & Sierra, just expect the recording process to be both methodical and at least somewhat on their own terms. They want to ensure that they get it right, and that means patience and making sure that you have the people around you to be creative. (Plus, we also have something else to wait on in news on “The X Factor’s” future on TV. There is no confirmation yet on a fourth season.)

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Photo: Fox


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